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 European Cup of Real Soccer

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PočaljiNaslov: European Cup of Real Soccer   Pon 04 Feb 2013, 05:25

Hello Serbia !

We come from France to present you one great style of play in Haxball : Real Soccer (maybe you already know it)
If you want any explanation about the rules of Real Soccer, ask me, I'll give you the information.

Here is our project : the most important part for Serbia is Part 1), but read part 2 too.

1) I propose you to create a Serbian Natonal Team of Real Soccer. To do this, you have to select the best players of real soccer of your country (or to motivate some good players of haxball that are open-minded and who accept to play real soccer), and ask them to register here (you'll need at least 8 players). We will create a European championship of Nations in the next weeks (middle of march I hope so)
Our national team, the English one, and the Polish one are ready, a lot of others (Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic...) are going to be created.

2) Harder to realize, you can also try to create a Russian championship of Real Soccer (you need to have 6 teams of 8 players at least, to create a free forum as we have done here, and I will help you to organize your forum if you want). I think it's nearly impossible in your country, but you can try if you want !
If you create this championship, you'll need to go in all the Real Soccer rooms of your country, and promote your championship, and show that you are a serious guy, who can organize this without any problems.
A good example of Real Soccer league is the English one, I give you the link, and you should take inspiration from this league
If you manage to make a championship, the teams that will finish in the first places of the championship will be qualifyied for the Champions' League we will create in the next weeks (but we will talk about that later )

If you have any questions, ask me in this forum, by sending me private message. I'll answer quickly, and I hope you'll do so.
Or you can also come and register in our forum of Real Soccer

If you want to have any "live" contact, and if you got TeamSpeak (if you don't I think you'll need to download it) (adress :; my name is Rynhark) , ask me and I'll give you a TeamSpeak where we could talk about your project and OUR project Wink

Thank you, and I hope we'll have a lot of fun together thanks to Real Soccer !

We have a part in the forum reserved to national teams and european Real Soccer, you can go there to present your team when you'll have thought about this project.
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European Cup of Real Soccer
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